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Seminole County Public Schools

Summer Coverage 2018

If you are inquiring about a claim, please click on Important Links for a claim form or claim information.

If you would like enroll now for the rest of the summer please print this form or enroll online.  Online Enrollments will end on June 20th for this year and reopen for the 2018-2019 school term on July 15th.  Please be sure you enroll using the correct form.  Refunds will not be allowed if you enroll using the summer or an old application.

Click Here to print a form for summer only coverage 

Terminates on the last day of Summer.

Please note: The 24 Hour accident protection plan will provide coverage through the summer up to the last day of summer break 2018. The summer only coverage will be effective on the date you mail in the application at 11:59 PM, according to the USA postal postmark or if the application is not postmarked we will use the date we receive your premium and application in our office.


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