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Sarasota County Public Schools

OPEN ENROLLMENT 2020-2021 School Term


24 HOUR PLAN OPTION: Provides accident insurance coverage for enrolled students during school classes, school activities, interscholastic sports (except tackle football), while at home, away from school, weekends and all vacation periods including the summer months until 8/15/2021. Coverage for the 24-HOUR PLAN option begins on the date premium is paid at 11:59 PM. This plan will terminate next year, on the first day of school for the 2021-2022 school term, or August 15, 2021, whichever is first.

SCHOOL TIME PLAN OPTION: The School Time Plan provides accident coverage for students only while in attendance at school and during school sponsored activities, including interscholastic sports (beginning 8/24/2020 or as scheduled by FHSAA, except tackle football) during the regular 2020-2021 school year. The School Time Plan does not provide coverage while at home or during activities that are not exclusively school sponsored, exclusively school scheduled, school funded or not directly supervised by a school official. Coverage for the School Time Plan option begins at 11:59 PM on date premium is paid, or, on the first of day of school classes, whichever is the later date. If students participate in FHSAA school sports, coverage for FHSAA practices and the FHSAA season will begin on the first day of FHSAA designated sports practices, beginning on 8/24/2020, or the later date as scheduled and sanctioned by FHSAA, or on the date paid, whichever is later. The School Time Plan will terminate on the last day of school in May or June 2021, as scheduled by your school district.

VIRTUAL LEARNING: Students enrolled in the School Time Plan will be entitled to receive policy benefits while attending covered ‘at school’ activities that are school sponsored, scheduled and directly supervised by a paid school employee. Due to COVID, the School Time Plan coverage is expanded to include coverage while students are viewing online ‘virtual learning’ class sessions away from school. Due to COVID, it is strongly recommended that parents purchase the 24 Hour Plan (Full Time) Plan option that includes coverage at home, away from school, during vacation periods including the summer months, 24 Hours a day, 7 days week as outlined above. 

To expand school time student accident protection for students while at home, during weekends and vacation periods, consider enrollment in the 24-HOUR PLAN outlined above.   

FOOTBALL ACCIDENT INSURANCE PLAN OPTION: The football plan coverage effective date is the later of either (1) 8/24/2020 or, (2) the FHSAA designated football practice start date or, (3) at 11:59 PM on the date that the football enrollment application and premium payment is applied for online or received in the mail by the company. The football accident insurance plan option does not provide coverage for any other school sports, school classes or activities. Now accepting football applications until October 23rd, 2020

The football insurance plan coverage will terminate immediately following the last official school district football game. For this school year, we have expanded coverage for student football athletes while participating in Pre-Season Conditioning Sessions’, prior to the official sanctioned season as defined below.

DEFINITION OF PRE-SEASON CONDITIONING : Covered - 1) the use of free weights, stationary exercise apparatus, plyometrics, stretching exercises; 2) cardiovascular, distance  training.

The following activities are Not Covered under the preseason conditioning: 1) teaching sport specific skills, drills, scrimmages, competitions,  pick-up games, open gym, camps or during the use of sport specific equipment such as starting blocks, blocking dummies, hurdles, rebounders, ball machines, bats, balls, rackets, etc.

The preseason conditioning policy effective date is either at (1) 11:59 PM on the date the football coverage insurance applications and premium payment is received by School Insurance of Florida Agency or, (2) 11:59 PM on the date enrolled online. Coverage for preseason conditioning will begin on the date paid as outlined here for the conditioning as defined above, until the first day of the official FHSAA sanctioned practice (8/24/2020). All football plans will terminate on the day of the last 2020 FHSAA football game. Please read the football application and summary for more details. 

IN-HOSPITAL SICKNESS PLAN OPTION: This coverage can be added  to either the 24/7 Full Time or School Time plan. The In-Hospital Sickness plan cannot be purchased separately. The In-Hospital Sickness Plan pays benefits when a student in hospitalized due to a covered illness or disease. If a student is hospitalized, the In-Hospital Sickness plan will pay up to $500 per day of in-hospital confinement for up to 10 days of overnight hospitalization. Plan benefit do not include payments for any physician’s expenses or any other out-patient medical services. The In-Hospital Sickness plan coverage effective date begins at 11:59PM on the date of online enrollment in the SCHOOL TIME or 24/7 FULL TIME Plan. In-Hospital Sickness Plan coverage terminates on the last day of school classes if purchased with the SCHOOL TIME plan. If purchased with the 24/7 FULL TIME plan coverage terminates on August 15th, 2021.  

Please click on Important Links above for more information regarding the low-cost student accident protection plan options. If, after reviewing this website, you have additional questions, please contact us.