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Alachua County Public Schools


Dear Parents and Students:

Your school safety is a top priority. Sometimes accidents happen. As a public service for your community, your school has negotiated a low cost student accident insurance plan for your consideration. Public schools are not responsible for accidents on public school grounds and not responsible for insurance for students. It is the responsibility of the parents to have insurance coverage for their families. Here is a brief summary of the insurance plans you can elect to purchase for your public school students. These premiums are one time per school year.

Please read the Summary of Insurance for more complete policy terms, provisions and exclusions before you make your purchase.


Coverage under the Student Accident Insurance Policy School Time Plan or 24 Hour Plans becomes effective on the later of the following dates: 1) At 12:01 A.M. (EST.) on the first day of scheduled school classes for the regular school term.  Or, 2) at 11:59 P.M. (EST.) on the date the premium is paid or received by School Insurance of Florida's agency office.  The School Time Plan will terminate on the last day of school. The 24 Hour Plans terminate on the last day of summer in August, 2023 or the first day of school for the new 2023 fall school term, whichever is first. Students may enroll anytime but there are no discount for late enrollees.

For Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) interscholastic sports participants, the Student Accident Insurance Policy becomes effective for the first day of FHSAA practice as scheduled by the FHSAA on 8/1/2022 or at 11:59 P.M. (EST.) on the date the premium is paid, whichever is the later date. Interscholastic Sports coverage terminates after the last official FHSAA sanctioned public school game for the season or the date the athlete becomes ineligible for the policy.  Coverage will continue for sports during the summer if the sports premium is paid and if the sports activity is scheduled, sponsored and funded by the school district.  Private camps, camps run by coaches or private leagues and summer 7 on 7 leagues are not covered.

SCHOOL TIME ACCIDENT PLAN: Provides protection only during school sponsored/funded, school supervised, school scheduled classes and activities during the regular school term. These options do not provide coverage for tackle football practices or games or interscholastic sports unless the additional premium is paid. 

School Time Options (excluding Varsity football 10-12 grades) Basic Plan A Plan B
School Time Not including Senior High Sports $10 $14
School Time INCLUDING Senior High Sports $23 $27

24 HOUR ACCIDENT INSURANCE PLAN: Insurance coverage is provided for school time activities as defined above PLUS coverage expands to weekends and vacation periods and the summer months (only one summer may be included in coverage). Students are protected while at home or away from home, any place, anytime, anywhere in the USA. Coverage is provided for participation in middle or high school Interscholastic Sports, including the summer sports solely scheduled, funded, and supervised by the school, excluding tackle football (participating with grades 10-12; see below the Optional Football Coverage)

24 Hour Premium Option (excluding Varsity football 10-12 grades) Basic Plan A Plan B
24-Hour INCLUDING School Sports/Summer $62 $87

OPTIONAL 2023 SPRING FHSAA FOOTBALL COVERAGE (NEW PLAYERS ONLY): Protection during FHSAA Spring Practices and exclusively school sponsored, school supervised summer conditioning/weight training sessions while on school grounds during the 2023 summer months. Travel is covered when going directly and uninterruptedly to or from such practice or competition as part of a group in transportation furnished or arranged by the Policyholder. Optional Spring Football Coverage becomes effective on the first day of FHSAA Spring practice as scheduled by the FHSAA or at 11:59 P.M. (EST.) on the date the premium is paid, whichever is the later date. Ninth Graders who play with 9th graders ONLY are not charged extra for football coverage. The regular school time or 24-hour plans with sports will cover football for 9th graders. Basic Plan A is $25, or Plan B rate is $34. 

Click the Following Link to Print a 2023 SPRING FHSAA Tackle Football Summary  (Spring Football Plan must be purchased by May 8th, 2023)

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You must purchase either the 24 Hour or School-Time plan to be eligible for the In-hospital Sickness Benefit Plan and/or the Increased Dental Plan.

OPTIONAL IN-HOSPITAL SICKNESS COVERAGE: This is an additional endorsement that can be added to an accident plan to provide coverage for overnight hospitalization for a covered illness or disease. The benefit will pay up to a maximum of $5,000 per claim, not to exceed $500 per night of hospitalization. Mental illness, pre-existing conditions, drug or alcohol treatment or addiction, child birth or abortion, dental conditions or outpatient visits are not covered. All endorsement provisions apply. Annual Premium $40.00

INCREASED 24 HOUR DENTAL COVERAGE: Expanded Insurance coverage is in effect 24 Hours a day. Injury must be treated within 60 days after the Accident occurs. Benefits are payable within 12 months after the date of Injury. The maximum eligible expenses payable per covered Injury is $750 per injured tooth, not to exceed a total aggregate of $25,000. The Student must be treated by a legally qualified dentist who is not a member of the student’s immediate family for Injury to teeth. Coverage is limited to treatment of sound, natural teeth. Annual Premium: $5

Click The Following Link to Print a Summary of Insurance and application 

The Summary of Insurance provides the coverage effective dates, policy terms, provisions, maximum benefits and exclusions.  Please be sure to read the summary of insurance and print one for your records. If you enroll online you will be able to print an ID card after your payment is processed.

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