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Scholastic Insurance DBA School Insurance of Florida
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Email Address: Please enter a subject related to School Insurance in the subject line for all emails. Blank subject lines or any suspicious looking emails will not be accepted and will be sent to the spam/junk folder for security purposes. For your protection and company security guidelines, we will not email you claim status or information regarding your claims. All correspondence is handled through mail with the USA postal service. For your security please send claims correspondence to our claims mailing address listed above or fax them to our fax line. We cannot accept responsibility for email functions from outside entities.  

Email address: If you are emailing us please provide the student's full name and the school district name. Please do not email any claims records, bills or claim information for security purposes. We cannot and do not accept responsibility for claims emailed over the internet. Telephone: Direct/Claims: 407-798-0290 ~ Fax: 407-798-0296